Terms & Conditions

1. Users must complete the order form with the correct and complete information when ordering the desired product. Obviously, in case of entering incomplete or incorrect information, the user’s order will not be able to be tracked and delivered.

2. Delivery of products in Kashan through special vehicles for transporting carpet cargo for free to the doors of customers’ homes and other centers of the provinces and cities of the country through valid carriers by issuing invoices and official insurance in advance and only shipping costs from cargo to the customer’s home It is the responsibility of the buyer.

3. Delivery time in Kashan is up to 72 hours and in other provinces of the country varies up to a week. It should be noted that the announced time is approximate.

4. It should be noted that adding goods to the shopping cart does not mean booking goods and does not create any rights for customers. Also, before the final registration, any changes, including changes in inventory or price, will be applied to the goods added to the cart. Therefore, customers who have a definite desire and decision to buy, especially about the goods offered under the title of exciting, which have a limited number, it is recommended to finalize their order as soon as possible so as not to run out of inventory or change the price of goods. It is worth mentioning that the order will be finalized only when the users receive the shopping cart code (MRC) of their order, and it is obvious that the Eldorado carpet has no responsibility for the goods left in the shopping cart.

5- In case of any problem in the final processing of the shopping cart, such as running out of stock, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account within 72 working hours.

6. Carpet replacement will be possible from the time of delivery of the goods for up to 7 days, provided that the goods are not crumpled and new, and only at the discretion of the Eldorado carpet experts.

7. In case of any reason, the carpet purchased by the customer is replaced or returned and returned, the shipping is the responsibility of the customer.