What information do we collect?

When you visit any site, certain information is automatically collected from you. We also automatically collect and store information about the person's computer and his visit to the site for every viewer of eldrador carpet site:

  • Information about your computer's IP address (IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you log on to a web network. )
  • The URL of the site through which you are logged in to our site. ( )
  • The date and time you log in to our site and how long you are on the site.
  • Name and version of your computer's operating system and internet browser. For example, Windows 7/8/10/IE 11 (this information is automatically transmitted by your computer. )
  • Pages from the site that you view.

If you log in to our site, read pages, or download things, these are the information we collect. We use this information to determine the number of viewers of our site in different sections and help make our site more useful to its viewers. For example, we use web browser information to design our site in such a way that more people can view the pages of the site correctly.
When you log in to our site, we will not collect or store information other than that said, unless you choose to provide us with other information. For example, you fill out a form on the site that contains information such as your email, name and age and register it.


Cookies are small files that the sites you visit store on your computer. Cookies are actually communication files between your server and computer that are completely safe for your computer in terms of security.
Due to the characteristics of web programming languages in the use of cookies, if you have disabled this option in your web browser, you will not be able to use the El Dorado Carpet Services.

Who do we have in this information?

Eldrado Carpet does not disclose any of the personal and personal information of its users, nor does it transmit them to a person or third parties unless it is legal by law or warrant. Eldrado Carpet has three information sections: statistics collected about users, site traffic and site-related information. We use your personal characteristics only to respond to yourself or in the form of a user's birth certificate, to better introduce you to other members of the website or to prepare statistical reports to better understand our users.
We create logs of files and databases of users' information to analyze how they are used during each month. This way we can better understand our site and improve the content we provide on our site. Of course, this information does not include the individual and personal characteristics of each user. We reiterate that we do not provide any of your personal or personal information to any third party unless it is with your own permission or if we are compelled by law to do so.

Third-party links

When you click on and enter links from third parties on our site, you will get information. In this case, Eldorado Carpet has no control over this information and is not accountable to them.
If you object to the links to our site, you can contact us at the address if you object to the links to our site, you can let us know. Be sure that your email address is protected by us and we will not disclose it without your permission (except by law).

Changes to site policies

Eldorado Carpet may sometimes improve or change its work policies. We recommend that you read this page from time to time to learn about possible changes to our policies. If you have any questions about the rules and policies of the El Dorado Carpet site, you can share it with us.