Questions before buying and ordering

Purchasing Methods

Entering the —> profile of the product —> adding to the purchase basket —> the settlement of the account —> continuing order registration —> choosing the address of the selection —> payment method —> payment and completing the purchase —> order registration and receiving the MRC

purchase follow-up code

For the most comfort of your loved ones, El Dorado Carpet Collection has made it possible to order online, in addition to ordering online, you can visit branches, Instagram page, Telegram and by phone 03155452415 to prepare your desired product.

When a product is returned, after the expert and the approval of the after-sales service unit, the necessary coordination to return the order amount with the customer will be made and the amount will be refunded to the customer’s account for up to 72 working hours.

Payment Methods

Users can pay the order fee online through the internet portal using all Shetab member’s bank cards.

If you do not connect to the banking port or an error, you can register your order by phone through the 03155476523 number.

It is not possible to transfer funds to the bank incomplete due to the disruption of the bank portal, in which case the funds will automatically be returned to your account within a maximum of 72 working hours. It is emphasized that in this case, you do not need to contact El Dorado Carpet Support.


Sending products in Kashan through dedicated cars carrying carpets for free, the doors of delivery customers’ homes and other centers of the province and cities of the country through valid cargoes by issuing the bill of lading and official insurance in advance of the sending and only the cost of transportation from cargo to home is the responsibility of the buyer.

Shipping time for customers in Kashan varies up to 72 hours and customers in other provinces up to one week.

Contact Center

If you have any questions, please contact us