Carpet light or dark

To buy the carpet is one of the most important factors for choosing the color of the carpet, which is used for home decoration.Home appliances are factors that make it harder to choose the color of the carpet.

Another important point to pay attention to is which part of the carpet house is needed.

Bright carpets for the main spaces of the house such as reception, bedroom, kitchen, etc. They are used.should be the balloon of other houses such as sofas, curtains, cabinets and ….. This color is harmonious.

Most people are hesitant to choose colors for most parts of the house, which makes it hard to choose the color of the carpet.

Important points in selecting carpet color

1_If you are going to buy carpets for a small space such as: hallway or reception hall or low-mezzanine reception hall, then you should choose a carpet that will give the space a greater heart.

2_When choosing and buying a single, dark button colors may look very attractive and beautiful to the buyer’s eyes. But it should be noted that the carpet you are going to buy.

3_It may be on your eyes during the permanent days. And hurt your eyes. It’s also possible to make your eyes look good.

4_Dark carpets easily show bright spots and soot.

These carpets are :

The blue color of oil, brown, chocolate, of course, carpets in which very bright colors are used, and they have the same characteristic.


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