Acrylic yarn

Synthetic fibers used in textile and garment industry can be referred to acrylic. Acrylic with fibers such as wool, viscose and pleister) or alone is used in textile and carpet weaving.

Acrylic is composed of chemical materials made from petroleum products.

Properties of acrylic fibers :

1_Its tenderness and softness

2_Moisture resistant

3_Resistant to heat and heat

4_Wash resistant

5_Resistant to wrinkles

6_High volume

Where is acrylic used?

Acrylic in textile related products such as carpet companies, blankets , clothing, etc. it is used.

Methods of storing acrylic objects

Objects that are acrylic insexual can be easily washed . But when washing, the right detergent should be used the same and after washing should be from the water out of objects such as carpets , sofas, blankets, etc. Make sure it doesn’t rot the fibers.

When washing acrylic fibers, we should not use very hot water because it causes fiber damage and it is better to use lukewarm water.In acrylic cross cloths to prevent the processor of clothing, they should be turned back before washing.

For the use of bleach in acrylic objects, if possible, use chlorinated bleach.

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