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فرش تیره یا روشن

To buy the carpet is one of the most important factors for choosing the color of the carpet, which is used for home decoration.Home appliances are factors that make it harder to choose the color of the carpet. Another important point to pay attention to is which part of the…

نخ اکریلیک

Synthetic fibers used in textile and garment industry can be referred to acrylic. Acrylic with fibers such as wool, viscose and pleister) or alone is used in textile and carpet weaving. Acrylic is composed of chemical materials made from petroleum products. Properties of acrylic fibers : 1_Its tenderness and softness…

شستشوی فرش

Are you going to wash your carpets? Home Or carpet washing, join us to make this choice easy for you. 7 reasons you should choose carpet washing to wash your carpets. 1_Using automatic devices for washing and drying 2_Using suitable detergent for carpet 3_Super stain the carpet surfaces 4_Proper rinse…

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